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The Forced Unionization of Self-Employed individuals/businesses.

In 2011, Governor Mark Dayton attempted to force the Unionization of Daycares through executive order. The courts decide that he acted unconstitutionally (which means illegally). In 2013, Governor Dayton and the Democratic controlled House and Senate voted to allow for the forced Unionization of our Daycare providers again. This time however the courts decide not to rule but rather allow it to proceed stating "..because any potential damages have not yet occurred."

Renville County Republicans believe that this effort to expand the Public Service Unions will increase the costs of daycare, and limit the options available to families with few options available.

More importantly, most of our providers are self-employed individuals being forced to unionize, and become State Employees. Democrats have justified their vote because CCAP payments for Children are sent directly to the daycare providers. With that logic why wouldn’t they unionize everyone who uses any public service or receives any subsidy? Do you or your company use public roads? Did you get a public education? Do you receive Mail from the USPS? With their logic, “you didn’t build this.” What industry would be protected from forced “fair-share” and union dues, if they’re not stopped now? Who in the private sector is safe from forced servitude to the state? 

Soon Daycare providers may read a story to the children that starts, “Once upon a time, we were free.”

Please help us hold the line. For the cost of a postage stamp you can help fight back in a big way. Check out the PCR program (click here to find out more).



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